Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's oh, so quiet

Not much has been happening around here lately. Temperatures have been dropping since my last post, including snow, hail and freezing rain on Saturday. Add to that the crazy high winds we get here... we've just been keeping our fingers crossed that we don't lose any trees! 

We had some family & friends over on Saturday to help celebrate my birthday (or as David put's it "another lap around the sun"). We had a great time despite the weather! After years of my cousin (who's more like a sister) trying to blow out my birthday candles, a tradition that has been going on since my 2nd birthday, I decided that we should give up all pretenses and she should just help (especially seeing as the number of candles on the cake will only get larger, right?).

On the crafting front, not much has been going on. The knitting needles were quiet for a quite a while as I recovered from last year's intense knitting (2 stoles for my wedding - maid of honour & bridesmaid; 1 baby blanket that took FOREVER to finish; 2 baby sweaters and a hat (blogged about it here) and that had me knitting until the wee hours of the morning to finish). Well, with 3 more babies expected later this year, needless to say the knitting has recommenced. No photos yet - those will have to wait until another day ;)

Hopefully, with the warmer weather forecast for the weekend, there will be more happening around here!

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