Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Room Makeover: Nursery!

After finding our we were pregnant, we got to work repainting the baby's room.

When we moved in, we installed shelves one of the walls with the intention of using them for books and teddy bears and other stuffies (at our last place). However, once I started putting some books on the shelves they started to pull away from the wall. I was not impressed, especially considering that at our last place these shelves lived in the kitchen and held a couple dozen large cookbooks with no complaints. Needless to say the books came off the shelf and were replaced with yet more stuffies. 

Before the room reno could start, I wanted to remove the shelves from the wall. Unfortunately we used metal plugs (which I really don't recommend!) and when they were removed they left a 1" hole in the wall. So I had lots of patching to do to repair the damage. Once the repairs were complete, it was time for paint. 

As much as I like the colour of the "blue room", I found the blue had a lot of grey in it and looked kind of dingy. I wanted a colour that had more life in it so we went with an aqua blue (Premier's Tahoe Blue from Canadian Tire). 


Cutting In - You can see the difference in colour

Finished: View from the door

View from the window opposite the door

We still have to get some furniture to go in this room. Up until now it has been used as a guest room, and had 2 single beds in it. We removed one of the bed frames and put it's mattress under the bed in case we still needed the extra bed. We're hoping to pick up a bookshelf from Ikea in the next few weeks (the same one that we used here, and then we'll need a crib, change table and glider all before the end of February!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Between being back to work and "morning" sickness (what a stupid name that is!), time has just been flying by! Today I finally had a chance to go around and take some pictures of our gardens! Our flowers that were supposed to flower in August have finally decided it was time to bloom.

Some of the dahlias we planted are blooming. The plants themselves don't look very big, but the flowers sure are!

The gladiolas started to bloom a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, we didn't plant them deep enough and the wind knocked most of them over. We've taken to cutting the flower spikes once they start to bloom so we've had some nice fresh cut flowers inside.

The gardens that we worked so hard on earlier this summer have been doing well. The first one we tackled is filled with blooms. We even discovered some yellow cone flowers that we didn't see last year (lucky they survived the rebuild!), and it seems some seeds from a ground cherry plant that was planted 30 feet away made it in there as well. David has been enjoying harvesting the surprise crop!

Our shaded rock-garden is also doing well, although it will still need some work next year. Some of the ferns I thought I moved have come back, but with the new rock placement it works well. 

Our neighbour's chicken have gotten big and she often lets them roam free...

And finally, a sure sign that summer is coming to an end: the Canadian Geese have begun their fall migration south.

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Addition!

We found out at the beginning of July that we're going to be parents! According to our calculations, our estimated date of delivery was March 12th, 2012. However, at our fist ultrasound last week, the technician told us that I'm actually a little further along than I thought. Instead of being 12 weeks, 4 days the baby was measuring 14 weeks, 4 days moving the due date to February 26th! Needless to say we're very excited! It's still too early to know if it's a boy or a girl, but we should be finding out at our next ultrasound. 

Our Little Jumping Bean