Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Garden

It's amazing how quickly the days fill up with a 6 month old! We did manage to get some work finally done on a garden. We finally started to outline and fill in our garden by our huge rock. I've wanted to do this garden for quite a while, since you can see it as soon as you start to drive up our driveway. 

Between the rock and our Juniper

Another moss and a pink stonecrop, with our existing
wild roses and day lilies - this part is closest to the

We added some brown eyed susans, foxglove, lupine, purple hollyhock, pink hollyhock, a moss, a dwarf monkshood, and some orange flowers whose name I forget. I also planted 25 daffodil and 40 pink tulip bulbs for next spring! There looks like there is a huge empty space in the middle, and that's because there is. I was looking for regular monkshood, which grows to around 1.2m tall but they only had the dwarf variety. I'm absolutely set on having monkshood, so I've left the space and my mission for next spring is to track it down. Our last step is to get a couple bags of mulch to protect everything over the winter.