Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm taking this fleeting moment for a quick update! Emily is now 1 month old, and these past few weeks have been quite the adventure!

Our first night home was a sleepless night, as Emily's digestive system was still working itself out. Our little girl cried most of the night and no amount of feeding/changing/rocking/bouncing would help. We called our "emergency support team" (my mom & dad, and grandmother), who came out the next day and stayed with us for 2 nights. Emily was experiencing a bad case of gas, and once we figured that out (and how to deal with it), things went a lot smoother.

Now she's been eating like a champ, taking lots of naps during the day, and has been sleeping for 4-5 hour blocks at night! Life has been settling into a new routine and we've been loving every moment of it!