Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tigger Goes Home

Well, today we took the grey kitten in. The co-worker who took Tux last week, has a friend who is adopting the other kitten. Last week's excitement was pretty hard on mom, but since she still had one kitten to look after it wasn't too bad. So, this morning when we got the last baby ready to go she already knew what was going to happen. Once he was in the kitty carrier, she went up to the door and smelled him, made sure he was ok, and let us go without a fuss.

Tigger (as he's now been named) spent the day with us at work until our co-worker was ready to head home with him. Although we're going to miss him terribly, I'm sure our other cats (with the exception of mom ) are happy to see him go. Talk about throwing the social balance out of whack!

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