Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ta da!

 Ok, so I'm not absolutely finished with our shade garden... but it's very, very, very close to done! I stated with the backside of the garden since I already had a very good idea of what plants to place here. I added 3 more hostas, a japanese painted fern, and a "looking-glass" bugloss (heart shaped silver-green leaves) to this side, along with plenty of impatients, and some dark foliage (an annual, but I don't know what they're called). I also moved a echineacea (cone flower) from one of our other beds, and planted it next to the one we bought last week. 

The front side of the garden is still a work in progress. It's all cleared out and I put in a bleeding heart next to the purple salvia. I still need to put in some new soil, and I have a hosta and some impatients to plant as well.

We still have one garden left to work on. David took apart the rock border yesterday. We're going to remove the top few inches of the garden to get rid of the grass & weeds. There are some daffodils and hyacinths in there somewhere too... those will be put back, hopefully in a placement that makes a little more sense. I guess we'll see how we do with that next spring!

Finally: our vegetable garden, we did manage a little work on it... we burned it! At the very least we'd like to "try" to even out the area and lay down the weed-block fabric. In the meantime, we're starting to pile dry hay and dry tree branches in preparation for our first Canada Day bonfire! 

Happy Summer Everyone!

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