Sunday, June 5, 2011

Endless Yard Work

So, while we had the whipper-snipper, we decided that we may as well deal with some other areas of the yard as well. There is a section next to our barn that we had not dealt with. It was allowed to grow wild last year (I'm not exactly sure how that happened...) and this year we wanted to reclaim the area. It is just behind the vegetable garden, when facing the barn.

One of the previous owners had chickens, and they fenced in a section using chain-link fence...

As you may be able to see, it was not a very professional job... actually, the roll of chain-link is still rolled up in one corner and still attached to the rest of the fence. There isn't even a gate to go into the enclosure... you have to climb over the fence! David dealt with the grass/weeds up to the fence line before dealing with the vegetable garden. While he was doing that, I worked at removing the fencing. I wasn't able to take it all down, but I did manage to remove the front section. Once that was done, David was able deal with the long grass/weeds. 

There is another fenced in section, beginning at the corner of the barn. It's fenced with no-climb livestock fencing, and there is a gate on the other side. We're going to keep that section as is. The next step will be to remove the trees next to the barn (they're growing too close to the barn). We're also planing a composting station on this side, just near the window you see in the second photo.

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