Sunday, May 13, 2012

Basement Update

Once the crew ripped up the sub-floor that they had exposed, they found that the water had stayed to one half of the basement. They set up a couple of fans and a de-humidifier (which means we now watch TV with the volume really high!) and let them run for a few days to get rid of the moisture. On Saturday, the supervisor came by to see how everything was drying out, check if the water had run any further into the basement, and to get us to choose our flooring.

The damage so far...
A sample of our new flooring!
 It turns out that the water went further than they originally thought, and the whole floor, including the craft/guest room, has to come up (squee!). They're going to start building everything back on the side they tore up this week (including laying the new laminate flooring), move everything to the finished side, then rip up the other half of the basement. So, we should have a "new" basement in a couple of weeks!

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