Friday, February 18, 2011

The Epic Tale of the Pothole from Hell...

On our way home last night, we hit what we think was a pothole. And not just any pothole, but a life-changing pothole of epic proportions. 
Like I said... epic proportions. We slowly hobbled our way off the highway, where we were able to change the tire, and then continued from Rigaud to Hawkesbury at 70 kph to the local Canadian Tire. I think the staff of the service centre were happy to see us (they were having a pretty slow night), and even commented that dented rims were pretty normal for this time of year. And then they looked at our tire... and said they'd seen dented rims before, but not an epic dent like ours.

We were told they had a replacement rim in stock, and we patiently waited for them to replace it. After a few minutes, they came back with worried looks and started searching inventory in the computer. It seems that although the standard wheel size for our model is 14", our car has 15" wheels... and they don't have any of those in stock. Maybe a similar model from Toyota? Honda? Anything?? As it turned out, they had some 15" rims in stock, but they were the wrong width... 1/2 inch too big kind of wrong. So, they sent us home with a "at least you're getting a day off work tomorrow!" with the promise to find us a rim today. 

So here I sit, at 7am, waiting for the Toyota dealership to open to see if they have a replacement rim for us, so we can get to work. 

See... I told you it was life-changing.

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