Thursday, May 27, 2010

Adventures in grass maintenance...

When we moved in, David was very excited about mowing our expansive lawn. We bought a "push-push" mower, and David plan was to do a little bit each day as exercise.

The idea was great in theory, until we realized that the previous owner only mowed the front lawn very infrequently, and the back lawn not at all! We had tall grass with a thick layer of hay underneath. Mowing the lawn, it seems, was a multi-step process. First, you must rake with a thatch rake to remove the old hay, then pass with a lawn rake to lift the grass blades up. Then, came an initial pass with the mower, another raking to lift the grass again, and once more with the mower. This seemed to go on endlessly! We got a small section done in the back, and one swath done in front before I sought out the phone book.

W is coming this week to mow our lawn with a riding mower. Sure, it may cost more in the long run... but at least we'll have a nice lawn at the end of the day!

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